Tytan the Artist and Artist Manager

26 year old Njabulo Nkomo better known in the entertainment arena  as ‘Tytan’, is an artist and also Cynthia Mare’s manager, assured 263 Africa TV that him being an artist and at the same time being Mare’s  music manager will never disturb the career of Cynthia Mare,as he is able to manage his time.
As he explained that his own movement (The Mukoko movement) has not over shadowed the works of Mare.
“The Mukoko movement has not overshadowed my work with her work as she is now on another level of progress when it comes to the plans we set for our careers,”said Tytan. In the meantime Mr Nkomo is working on a number of projects, one of these projects is already out. It is a collaboration that he did with two artists, Cynthia and Donald, under the’ Skhokho’ management. Tytan notified that there are more ‘skhokho projects yet to come’.

Tytan and Cynthia
Tytan with Cynthia Mare and Donald

The song which was done by the trio,’Wait a mari’ talks about people who become successful in the country and at the same time, the way they reach success is criticised.
“It (the song) talks about how people perceive success in Zimbabwe particularly with respect to what you seem to have acquired. False rumours tend to spread in matters of how you acquired that success, and its normally people or friends you used to be on the same level with that actually spread the rumours,”narrated Tytan.
The song  ‘waita mari’ was written by Tytan along with Cynthia and Donald.
The Mukoko king hopes that  the video will inspire and entertain  his fans just like the mukoko video. Waita Mari video is expected to be out at the end of July.
By Tapiwa Rubaya


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