The Rise of HipHop

The hip hop genre is dominating in the the city of Kings and Queens, with most music charts having at least one Hiphop song.
263 Africa TV, interviewed one prominent Bulawayo, hiphop artist.Tafadzwa Tarukwana, also known by his stage name Asaph.
He gave some insight to the evolution of Hiphop music in Bulawayo.  The young artist agreed that the hip hop genre has overshadowed the kwaito genre, which was once the dominating genre in the second largest city of the country. He added the reason that has led to hiphop’s dominance is the inspiration that can be traced from South Africa as he gave examples of the shift from kwaito to hiphop  in South Africa.
“Its similar to what happened in South Africa, the Bulawayo culture is inspired by what goes on in S.A.
“Kwaito lost its place and was replaced by the more popular form of hiphop,”he said. Asaph painted a good picture of the  Hip hop genre that  has managed to bring into the lives of  the youths. By bringing relevant culture among the urban youths and creating icons such as Calvin, whom the youths can look up to and admire are some of the things that the genre has brought, he said.
“Look at what Calvin has done for Luveve. Now kids from that area are proud of where they come from,”he referred .
Even though Asaph showed a good picture,most anti hiphop fans have criticised the hiphop genre and its artists claiming that it has paved the way for a number of learners not to concentrate on their school work but in music. In defense, Tafadzwa added that students cannot avoid  their godly talents as it helps them to survive economically. Nonetheless he pointed that education is also important.

The young hiphop artist is confident that Bulawayo will again this year dominate in the hiphop industry.  Last year Calvin scooped a number of merits in the hiphop sector, in different awards and categories of hiphop.”This year Bulawayo rappers prove with no doubt that Bulawayo is the capital city of hiphop,” he claimed. He pleaded with the media to connect with the artists in both good and bad times. Asaph who is inspired by J Cole, Kendrick and Drake ,is also a presenter for a local hiphop show Basement Cyphers. He is also  an ambassador for a clothing design line, ‘Shade Ogrey Apparel’ which he said is a platform  for him to create a Bulawayo Hiphop culture.


By Tapiwa Rubaya.


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