One on one with Gospel Soul Nights Founder

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It has been a tradition to some that once a month one has to attend at least one entertainment show.
Gospel Soul Nights is one of the music shows founded by Joel Chiweda (JC),whose mandate is to entertain people once in a month in the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare, with dance, poetry, music etc.
In an interview Mr Chiweda informs 263Africatv journalist Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR) the main vision of establishing Gospel Soul Night and the future plans of the event.

TR: When was the Gospel Soul Nights established?
JC: GSN (Gospel Soul Night) was founded on the 24th of Feb at  Utano restaurant in Avondale, Harare.

TR:Explain the  vision of GSN?
JC: The GSN vision is to create a conducive environment for gospel music lovers to enjoy and have fun with their families and friends in a warm cosy and interactive atmosphere. GSN its also a place to wind down and enjoy a close up and personal experience with performing artists. Its also a platform for allowing artists to showcase their talents , to the audiences giving them an opportunity to grow and develop their art as well.

TR: Artists such as Prayersoul, Prophesy, Talent etc have been performing on the  GSNs stage. Who does the selection of performing artists for your events?
JC: We have known and upcoming artists performing such as Prayersoul, P Sengwayo and So Profound. I get to decide the artist who will grace the stage. Based on how much soul they have, this show (GSNs) is about soul and that’s the criteria I am using when doing the selection process.

TR: Are there any international artists who have graced the GSNs stage?
JC: We haven’t hosted any external international artists yet but we are definitely looking forward to having international artisit gracing our stage. However we have local artists who have graced international stages who usually perform at the GSNs eg Prayersoul and P Sengwayo and myself.

TR: Besides music, what else is there on offer at the GSN events?
JC: We have created a broader platform for other artists other than musicians such as spoken word (So Profound) and dance (Sharon) .We are still yet to include stand up comedy, I am still searching.

TR:  Which age group dominates your  shows?
JC: Our audience has the most interesting demographics.  We have had all ages from as early as 6 years up to 60 years. We make sure our material entertains everyone.

TR: Are there  refreshments which are sold during your event?
JC: At the GSNs we have refreshments on sale, we create business for caterers who supply finger food at the most affordable prices.

TR:Mr Joel thank you for your time.
JC:You are welcome

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