One on One with Eve Kawadza

She is better known for being a multi talented artist in the entertainment industry. Through her talented voice she has graced a number of stages, leaving her audiences and fans craving to hear more of her songs.  Her name is Eve Kawadza.
Eve Kawadza (EV) is interviewed by 263 Africa media journalist Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR). Eve talks about her upcoming video to her track ‘Mari Yangu’ and she explains why she ventured into  the Jazz and Soul music industry.

TR: Define Eve Kawadza…
EV: Eve Kawadza is a Zimbabwean singer song writer and performer. I am driven by passion in all the things that l do. I love life and each new day gives me the strength to go on.

TR: When did you think of venturing into the industry?
EV: I can say l have always wanted to sing and never really got the chance to do so, then around 2008 l got an opportunity to perform at an open mic session and it was just for fun back then until l made the bold decision to go into it full time at the end of 2010.

TR: I ran into an article which stated that you spent 3 years in university to keep your parents happy. Now have they accepted you being in the music industry?
EV: Oh yes they have. Growing up, the music industry was regarded as a hobby so it was something that one wouldn’t be expected to make a living out of, and l don’t blame them for that, they were just looking out for their eldest child. So it all changed when l decided to take a professional approach to my work because l then started making an income.

Eve Kawadza pic credit- Rapture Images

TR: Why did you think of going into the Jazz and soul genre?
EV: For me jazz and soul are powerful vehicles for human expression. It allows me to discern the emotional, creative, and musical effects of everyday experiences and l feel much at ease and happier doing that because it allows me to express my inward feelings more.

TR: Recently you performed at Intwasa during the Women, Wine, Words stage and you took your audiences by storm. Were you expecting your audience to react the way they did?
EV: Absolutely not…they took me by surprise…lol.  I was so overwhelmed and l still get goose bumps when l think of the experience l had at Intwasa 2016.

TR: What inspires your music?
EV: I feel it’s easier to write about or echo things that are familiar to oneself so my day to day experiences and interactions really inspire my music.

TR: You are planning to release a video for your track song ‘Mari yangu’.Can you tell us more about the video project
EV: The video has been shot already and it was directed by Nico Abote and will be coming out soon. (Date to be confirmed).

TR: Which international legend are you hoping to share a stage with?
EV: I would love to share the stage Jill Scott and Angelique Kidjo

TR: Any last words..
EV: Oh yes…I feel so honoured and humbled by the overwhelming support and am so grateful to the Almighty who made me choose my path.

TR: Thank you for your time
EV: Am honoured, thank you.


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