The movie Mwanasikana 2 out

The Zimbabwean NAMA award movie writer who is also a director in the film industry is back in Zollywood with part two of the movie Mwanasikana (2).
Mwanasikana two is continuing from the first part whereby a young woman who is sent to find her biological father whom she had not known or met for over 20 years.The first part of the movie ended with Tsitsi the main actress (who is the girl, who is embarking on a journey to find her father) is mistaken for being Kenny’s girlfriend by the community and Kenny’s mother.
As she had sought refuge after she couldn’t cope with the enviroment of her own community due to a bad atmosphere at Kenny’s home.
In the sequel the movie continues with Tsitsi’s journey of finding her father. However the journey has some difficulties that she must face nonetheless Kenny’s friend Peter comes to rescue.
According to the talented filmmaker Nakai she revealed that the sequel contains twists and mysteries.
“There is much unexpected twists and mysteries that will make another powerful story forĀ our viewers,”she said.
She highlighted that movie fans will see new faces who have been added in the movie to spice up the movie.
The casts of the movie include Tinashe Pundo who plays the role of Tsitsi, who is the protagonist of the movie .Eden Changoda (Baba Gamu), Boniface Chimedza (Kenny), Faith Naphazi (Gamu), Simbarashe Mutanga (Peter)and Diversion Zuze who directed part one is also the director of the second edition.
Even though a number of filmmakers have sited piracy being the cause of the deteriorating of the film industry in the country, Nakai told 263 Africa that for Mwanasikana to be prominent in the film industry it was because of the major role played by piracy, even though she doesn’t support it.
“Mwanasikana caused a lot of buzz across the nation and beyond our borders. Unfortunately this was due to piracy.
“The feedback made it worth while to come up with the sequel,” stated Nakai.
Mwanasikana the movie which was shot at Domboshava in Munyawiri village, derives its name fromĀ  a Shona word which is translated in English to Girl child.
By Tapiwa Rubaya.



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