Moe Makaya (M.O.E), the new Hip-Hop voice

Moe Makaya (M.O.E), the new Hip-Hop voice…

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Moe Makaya has been described by others as being the next little Kim due to her lyrical content, style and energy when she performs. Moe Makaya whose style of rap is mixed with new school and old school with a dancehall and afro flare gives her a unique sound. Having been a model before she has incorporated this into her style as a rapper giving her a fashion modelesque edge making her fierce yet sassy.

Moe Makaya is a Zimbabwean rapper, Model and actress. She was born in the capital city of Zimbabwe Harare where she lived. She grew up around music as her uncle; Thabo Makaya was an artist and producer who had built studio at their family home in Mount Pleasant called Makastrator Studios. This is where well known artists in Zimbabwe went to i.e Roki, Sanie Makhalima, Roy and Royce etc.

In September 2013 she featured on Faith love’s song Suka Ndiro under the name M.O.E which became a hit track and was played on radio stations in Zimbabwe. The following year (2014), Mpho decided to take her music career more serious and by incorporating her modelling and acting skills, created MOE MAKAYA; a model rapper.

In March 2014 Moe did another feature song called Body Vibrate with rap artist Ether and dancehall artist Scubba Bling. The following month she then did her first single called  INTRODUCTION which features a rising afrobeats Nigerian Artist called KIN best known for his hit song “Ada Owerri”. Both Video and Audio have just been released. Currently Moe Makaya has two other unreleased songs: Make it hurricane and Tamba. The beats for these two songs have been produced by a well known Zimbabwean producer Jusa Dementor. Moe Makaya is also working on collaborations with artists such as AJ Ripsy, Jusa Dementor, John Smarts, Roby Gee. In the summer Moe Makaya will be performing at the Face of the a Globe which is a well known and recognized event in Leicester.



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