Lonah Shawa

Lonah Shawa ROCKS Top Model UK

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Lonah Shawa is one of Zambian most successful model having started her career as early as 1999 she has won a number of accolades namely Miss Cosmo 1999 (Zimbabwe), Miss 169 (SA 2001),  Miss Tourism Zambia 2004 and many other special awards over the years.Lonah-305x460

“I am proud to be African… I am an African not because I was born in Africa because Africa is born in me. I’ve grown up with my traditional Values and I embrace my Zambian roots. We Africans are full of treasure wen it comes to the wisdom our ancestors left with us. We are rich in culture and tradition and that’s the beauty of who we are. We may come from different countries but Africa unites us! #Proudly Zambian #Proundly African”

For Lonah modeling is her love and she gives it all her 100% and this is not shy of her recent success as the Top Model UK 2014-Over 25 winner.

“Im a very energetic and professional model seeking paid assignments.  I enjoy modelling, be it fashion, photography, commercial, ramp etc..as long as its modelling.  My hobbies are traveling, dancing, shopping, reading, and fashion & beauty.”

Born from strong African ethics and culture, Lonah believes Africa is very rich in it’s beauty as continent and people.

“I’d say if you believe you have what it takes and everyone else believes with you, then pursue that dream because if it’s meant to be, God will make it be. The most important thing is self discipline and respect. If you respect yourself, you will always keep yourself in line. Last and not the least. VALUE THE OPINIONS AND BELIEFS OF OTHERS THIS WAY YOU LEARN TO RESPECT THEM. You may not agree with them but respect is very important. We are all entitled to having our own views. There is a very thin line between what peoples perception of MODELING is and what you believe it is and that can be misinterpreted easily!”

263AfricaTV celebrates Lonah’s achievements this far and wish her all the best in future runs. Proud African Moment…


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