Decibel speaks out about promoters

Daniel Mazhandu aka Decibel is one of the pioneers of the urban groove movement in the Zimbabwean music entertainment industry. He has spoken out against the ill treatment that is given to the artists who have migrated abroad to join the entertainment industry there.
“The promoters in UK do not give artists the true value of somebody who is a superstar as they deserve treatment like a five star artist” , said Decibel.
He compared the hospitality he was given when he arrived in the UK and the current hospitality that is provided to artists who are flocking now in the UK.
“They are not getting it (good treatment), its not the same as when we came abroad those days where you will be given five star treatment and a good venue,”clarified Decibel.
Decibel further pointed out that in the eyes of the promoters, artists are no longer important, as they (the promoters) are focusing on  money and not in the future of the musicians.


The ‘Chido’ hitmaker explained that during the urban groove music movement, the dancehall genre which by then was popularly¬† known as reggae wasn’t a prominent genre in the movement compared to the other two genres RnB and Hiphop.
“During the earliest urban groove era, it was RnB and hiphop, with a little bit of dancehall and reggae, said Decibel.
Since his migration to UK Decibel has been studying, as it was his primary mission in UK. He is hoping to visit the country as soon as he has released his album ‘Nyaduri’.
Decibel rose to fame in early 2002 along with other reggae and dancehall artists such as Major E, Brooker T, Potato and Marlvin S.

By Tapiwa Rubaya.


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