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One of the country’s youngest Zim dancehall artists, Munashe Jonnel Tanjani known in the music industry as Spiderman better known also as the Dancehall Youth President. He has vowed to his fans that during the November ordinary level exams he is not going to disappoint them.”Am in form four now and I have already promised my fans that I will pass,” informed Spiderman.
The young dancehall artist made this statement at a time when some students are to write their exams next month and while others are left with five months to sit for their ordinary and advanced Cambridge and ZIMSEC exams. When asked how his program works as he made it clear that  he puts his education first as he does not conduct any shows during school days.
“I don’t do shows on school days, what artists should know is everybody needs that certificate,”he explained.
16 year old Munashe who is a student at Borrowdale said his dream is when he turns eighteen (18) he becomes a graphics designer and an accountant.

In 2014 during the Zimdancehall 2014/15, Spiderman was awarded an award in the category of the young star. However in 2015/16 season of the Zimdancehall awards he was nominated in the same category but did not win the award. However, this year he also made news headlines in the Zimdancehall field when he shifted from being managed by his previous manager and went on to be managed by Krispi. When asked to comment about the incident, he refused to comment.
The dancehall youth president born 16 years ago emerged in the dancehall industry through the mentorship of his uncle Jiggaz who wrote Spider’s first songs :’Ndowachisa and ‘hii’, which brought Spider to fame.
He further narrated the stories behind the origins of his stage names Spiderman and dancehall youth president. Mr Tanjani claims that he was provided the name ‘Spider’ by Vegas who noticed that he (Mr Tanjani ) is a hero. As for the name ,
‘youth president ‘it was his fans who gave him as they noticed that he has talent at a tender age.
“Youth president I got it from the fans they said  you started (the Zimdancehall industry at a tender age) so you deserve this name,he said. Tocky Vibes, Seh Calaz, Kinnah, Dadza D and Shinso are some of the Zimdancehall artists that the Zimdancehall youth president has worked with.Through Zimdancehall a number of the youths have empowered themselves by turning their careers into music managers, producers and it has also helped Zimbabwean youths to discover their singing talents.


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