Celebrating Father’s Day with Charles JR Mungoshi and Victor Kunonga

‘Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, singers of songs’- Pam Brown

This month, the public is honouring and celebrating the role that father’s are  playing in our society. 263 Africa TV journalist Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR) caught up with two fathers who are prominent in society – Charles Mungoshi Jnr(CM) and Victor Kunonga (VK) who shared their journeys in fatherhood.

Victor Kunonga_1
Victor Kunonga
Charles Jnr
Charles Mungoshi and Charles JR Mungoshi

Charles  Mungoshi Jnr is the son of the award winner and icon writer Charles  Mungoshi Snr who wrote a number of novels such as :’Waiting for the rain’, ‘Ndiko kupindana kwamazuva’ etc and his mother (Jessie Mungoshi) is an actress popularly known in the movie ‘Neria ‘as’ Neria’.Charles  Mungoshi Jnr is also following his father’s foot steps as he has managed to publish inspiration and motivating books such as :’Madhiri e Cash’,’Snippets of my versatile ‘etc.

TR:Can you describe Charles Jnr the father and husband from Charles Jnr the Writer.
CM:There isn’t much description with a difference in the father, husband and author.

 TR:What do you think are some of the roles of a father to his children and husband to wife?
CM:I believe the roles of a father are to listen more and to be available to your children. As for the husband the greatest role is to love your wife.

TR:From the past how have you celebrated father’s day (in your marriage)?
CM:In all honesty we just have a special dinner that is it.

TR:Tell us your memory of Father’s Day when you were young
CM: There really isn’t much to it because all we did was celebrate it in word more than activity.

TR: What is the main significance of celebrating Father’s Day?
CM: It is a day that has been solely set apart to show appreciation of the father figures in our lives. It makes it special because you are brought down memory lane so you can be grateful for what they have done.

TR: As an artist/writer do you make a schedule to be with your family or anytime is family time
CM: Anytime is family time

TR: How would you describe your parental skills?
CM: Natural just Natural

Charles Jnr_2

TR:From your father besides adapting being an author. What did you learn from him as a father ?
CM: Humility at its best – the simplicity of life he displayed in the way he handles relations.

Victor Kunonga, a father of two children who is an acoustic guitarist and former bodybuilder who emerged on the music scene in 2004. He produced songs such  as ‘Ndanyegetedzwa’,and’ Nzara’, Kunonga has graced a number of international and local concerts.

TR:Can you describe  Victor Kunonga the father and husband to us.
VK:I am a father of two ,my son Piwai and daughter Yanai and married to Olga. How else can one describe oneself except to say I am a loving father and husband who enjoys beign with his family always.

TR: What do you think  are roles of a husband  to his wife and a father to his children?
VK: The roles of a husband and a father are far too many to contain. My role as a husband and a father is to lead, to guide, to help, to provide etc. As well as to be able to accept that as husbands and fathers we must also be lead, be helped and be good listeners as well as to be patient.

TR:From the past how have you celebrated father’s day in your marriage?
VK: Father’s day has always been wonderful. Its a time one realizes the appreciation  from the family and to be given the little tokens of appreciation, not just tangible but also words.

TR:Can you share with us  your memories of  Father’s Day when you were young…
VK: Strangely when I grew up, seldom did I hear of anyone talking about Fathers Day. I appreciated my father and the hard work he used to do in order to fend for us and make sure we were schooled. He is a typical example of what I am following today.


TR: What do you think is the significance behind celebrating Father’s Day?
VK: Appreciation is soothing and encouraging. One is driven by being appreciated and thanked for being who we are.

TR: As an artist do you have a schedule to be with your family or anytime is family time ?
VK: Everyday is a family day. Whether one is at home or not, it is always good to keep company with the family in order to find out how they are and also for your peace of mind. As an artist it is sometimes difficult to schedule the celebrations and therefore make every opportunity for a celebration count on the days you are able to.

TR: How would you describe your parent skills?
VK: Difficult to describe how my parental skills are but I think I do the best like many other fathers with families.I have  also learnt that the more one listens to the every individual of the family the better one improves their parental skills.


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